GOAL: $500,000

As you may or may not know, our Kickstarter was denied as they cannot support companies who work within the Pornography community. So, we have created our own right here for you to be a part of. 

The challenges are REAL when creating a porn platform as there is so much stigma built up around the word itself. We acknowledge that many large companies and investors that do not  and will not affiliate with pornography in any way and it may be even harder for us to get funding for this important cause because of it. To become as successful as PornHub is going to be a very expensive journey and require a large team and a lot of funding to make our dreams a reality. We also want to launch this platform as soon as possible, as our communities have let us know the value in what this project would offer.

This is why we are asking the public and our communities to read our mission and consider supporting our vision to reshape the porn industry together.